Hej! I'm Paul,
and I'm a UX Researcher at Valsplat, where I do research to understand user needs and translate those into insights that amazing products can be built from. 
There's something about design challenges that triggers me. I love to harness my creativity and skills to solve problems, especially when they involve user experience.
The early stages of design really speak to me, as I'm a conceptually strong thinker with a go-getter mentality. 
I did my master's in Industrial Design Engineering at Chalmers University of Technology, after having done my bachelor's degree at Delft University of Technology. 
My creative juices don't stop flowing at the analytic parts of design though. I love motion design, and besides animating in my free time I take the occasional dip in the freelance pool, some of those works you can find here as well. 
Like what you see? Hit me up for a chat/collab/coffee!
P.S. Curious about that face up top? Check it out here...