Group project over 2 months 
Designing for the blind and severe–visually impaired for improved navigation inside Göteborgs Centralstation.
For the severe–visually impaired it is often very troublesome to navigate, especially around transport hubs such as Göteborgs Centralstation. Navigation assist is usually done through headphones, which isolates from the surroundings. The aim is to facilitate navigation for someone without prior knowledge in order to raise independence and spontaneity.
We held user interviews and brainstormed about providing information, boosting confidence, giving feedback and improving orientation. This resulted in a white cane that can guide its user through vibrations in the handle with the help of an indoor positioning system. 
A prototype of the white cane (with remote control) was built , and together with  the Synskadades Riksförbund different feedback methods were tested and evaluated inside the station's bus terminal. One of these methods – vibration on turn direction – is shown in the animation above.
The final concept was presented as a white cane clip-on device, such that the users can still use their own cane. The design focuses on usability for the severe–visually impaired, and together with an navigation app proposal it allows for safer and easier navigation that raises independence in navigation, even in noisy places.
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